Research Clusters

RIMA undertakes high quality and in-depth studies on various issues relevant to the Malay and Muslim communities. This includes both applied research projects and issue-oriented investigation done on an ad-hoc basis or as a specially commissioned project.

RIMA has three clusters: Education, Social and Socio-economics. Presently, RIMA staff are engaged on a wide range of research endeavors which include studies on:

  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (Research)
  • Praxis Programme (Research)
  • Women and Wages (Research)
  • Microeconomics of the Muslim community: The Net Worth (Research)
  • Midlife Muslim Divorces (Research)
  • Dynamics in the Integration of Muslim Immigrants into Singaporean Muslim Society (Research)
  • Survey of Malay/Muslim Businesses (Research)
  • Support Systems for the Mentally Impaired among those in the Malay/Muslim Community (Research)
  • A Whole-of-AMP Approach towards Developing Motivated Learners (Research)
  • Debt Advisory Centre (Programme as source of data for research)
  • Interfaith Dialogue (Programme as source of data for research)
  • Building Bridges Between Singapore’s Vibrant Muslim Communities (Event as source of data for research)
  • Differing Islamic Orientations: Impacts and Consequences (Workshop/Conference)
  • Faith & Society: Leadership Amidst Controversy (Pathways Book Project)

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