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The RIMA Youth Circle aims to engage with youths of diverse races and faiths in Singapore on the importance of interfaith relations. It hopes to bridge differences and bring common traits among youths to enable them to think of practical ideas and initiatives to foster interfaith relations within the community – which is in line with one of RIMA’s research focus.

The RYC comprises three phases with the objectives of i) discovering one’s faith and that of others; ii) discussing the challenges of a multi-faith society in the context of today’s world; and iii) reflecting on the issues arising within the Singaporean context, as well as how our youths could contribute towards promoting interfaith relations.

Participating youths will be engaging in a range of activities during the programme, which include visits to faith centres. At the end of the programme, participants will be sharing possible pilot ideas on meaningful projects that can be implemented within the community.

The RIMA Youth Circle (RYC) is fully supported by

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Friday 21 June & Saturday 22 June 2013

RIMA @ Guthrie


Day 1

6.00pm Welcome Dinner

6.30pm Activity 1 Human Face Mask - Integrating Shared Values and Identities

7.30pm Activity 2 Describing What You See - Faiths and Faces of multicultural Singapore

8.10pm Activity 3 “I don’t get it why…” - Positioning the mind to welcome changes positively

9.00pm END

Day 2

9.00am Centres of Faith Visits - Dialogue and youth participation: Exploring Possibilities

  • 9.00am Visit to the Baha’i Faith Centre
  • 10.30amVisit to the Sikh Temple with Indian breakfast

1.30pm Lunch @ RIMA

2.30pm Sharing session - What can we do as young people?

4.00pm Tea break

4.30pm Presentation of small community project(s) /  initiative(s) by participants

5.00pm Closing speech

Mr Ameerali Abdeali
Trustee, Abdeali Tayebali Family Trust
President, Muslim Kidney Action Association

6.00pm Dinner @Kintamani Restaurant

7.00pm END

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RYC Programme


Mr Joshua Woo is a youth pastor from the Presbyterian Church @Prinsep Street. He is co-editor of The Bible and the Ballot: Reflections on Christian political engagement in Malaysia today (Malaysia: Graceworks, 2011). He is interested in the apostasy controversy in Malaysia and its implications on the interreligious relations vis-a-vis the local quasi-secular sociopolity. He graduated from Trinity Theological College, and is currently working among youths.


Ms Norani Abu Bakar is the Asia Director of Pathways for Mutual Respect, a non-profitable organisation that runs interfaith leaders’ training in collaboration with the Yale University’s Center for Faith and Culture. Norani did her Master of Arts in Religion and Postgraduate Fellowship at Yale. Norani lived in Shanghai for 11 years, where she founded Home Sweet Home – an organization that runs a holistic intervention program for the physically challenged and orphans. She is currently working closely with the  Inter Religious Organization (IRO) Youth Singapore, and lecturing at the Centre for Transcultural Studies of Temasek Polytechnic.


The Guest Speaker


Mr Ameerali Abdeali, a Justice of Peace, has been involved in social, community and charitable activities for more than 40 years. He currently serves as the President of the Muslim Kidney Action Association and as Treasurer of the Inter Religious Organisation, Singapore. He is a recipient of the Public Service Medal, the Public Administration Medal (Bronze) and the MUIS Jasa Bakti Award.


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Visit to the Baha’i Centre Singapore                              Visit to the Sikh Centre



















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Mr Ameerali Abdeali delivering his inspirational message to the RYC participants.

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Closing Dinner with Dr Ameen Talib, Chairman of RIMA








































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Berita on Suria

Buat julung-julung kalinya, Pusat Penyelidikan Hal Ehwal Melayu/Islam RIMA menganjurkan program kesedaran antara agama untuk para belia.

“RIMA Youth Circle” bertujuan untuk mendorong belia supaya menyumbang ke arah membina hubungan antara agama yang baik.

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RIMA Youth Circle Report November 2013

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