newposter1This session serves to present the findings of Dr Shamsuri Juhari’s exploratory investigation into the effectiveness of community learning programmes, run primarily by local social welfare organizations, in building up the critical thinking capacities of Malay-Muslim youths in Singapore.

The premise is that a lack of critical thinking competencies among members of the Malay-Muslim community at large has contributed to the many problems that they are currently facing such as negative stereotyping, the lag in educational attainment and the inability to match the socio-economic progress achieved by the other ethnic groups in the country.

Essentially, this research points to such issues as resulting from the prevalence of negative mental models within the Malay worldview. Underpinned by an eclectic research framework based on several classical theories, the study begins by seeking Malay-Muslim youths’ perceptions of issues facing their community. It asks these youths to relate their personal experiences in participating in the activities conducted by these organisations and how they subsequently were, or were not, ‘conscientised’. The research sees such effects as an indication of capacity building for critical thinking.

Based on the participants’ responses, this study has identified five experiential categories which, when encountered by the youths, played a role in conscientising and subsequently building up their capacities for thinking critically of themselves and their community. The findings of the research will now be shared with all relevant parties interested in such issues. Several recommendations have also been subsequently formulated.

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shamMohamad Shamsuri Juhari recieved his PhD in Sociology of Education from the University of Birmingham, UK. Prior to his current position as RIMA Centre Director, he had been an educator where he amassed more than 15 years experience teaching students from a variety of backgrounds and academic talents ranging from ‘at-risk’ youths to those in the Gifted Education Programme.

Sham’s research interests are focused on the progress and development of the Malay-Muslim community specifically in the field of Emancipatory and Transformatory Education, Critical Thinking and Interfaith Discourse. His most recent publication is a book titled “Conscientising the Singaporean Malay-Muslim Youth,” where he discusses the experiences of youths from the ethnic group participating in community outreach programmes.

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.54.46 AMReport on the RIMA Colloquium Series with Dr Mohamad Shamsuri Juhari on

“Conscientising the Singaporean Malay-Muslim Youth: Perceptions of Singaporean Malay-
Muslim Youths Participating in Community Outreach Programmes”

By Acmad Toquero Macarimbang

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Report on the RIMA Colloquium Series with Dr Mohamad Shamsuri Juhari

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