The Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), in collaboration with its research subsidiary, the Centre for Research on Islamic and Malay Affairs (RIMA), holds the Community in Review (CIR) seminar annually to discuss contemporary issues affecting the Malay/Muslim (MM) community in Singapore.

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This year’s CIR will focus on the progress of Malay/Muslim entrepreneurship. Supported by the Singapore Malay Teachers’ Co-operative Limited (SGM Singapura Koperatif Berhad) and Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SMCCI), the seminar aims to obtain a more holistic perspective about the state of Malay/Muslim (MM) entrepreneurship and prospects for progress through inputs derived not only from the business community but also from other actors in the business ecosystem including the society, government and academia.

Over the years, the issues highlighted and the initiatives aimed at addressing key challenges facing MM businesses are seen largely through the lenses of the business sector. The progress of MM entrepreneurship is however a complex issue that has to be viewed from multiple disciplines. Entrepreneurship policies have multifaceted nature and linkages with other areas, such as education and skills development, policy and social development. Therefore, there are roles for institutions and individuals in various sectors in the collective effort to promote and advance entrepreneurship in the community.

Hence, CIR 2016 aims to facilitate a broad-based discussion touching on the various influences on entrepreneurial outcomes: the social and economic realities; ethnicity; education; existing policies and structures; and current business trends.


Details of the seminar are as follows:

Theme:                                       Re-examining Malay/Muslim Entrepreneurship: Perceptions, Realities and Hopes

Date:                                           Saturday 19 March 2016

Time:                                           9.00 am to 1.30 pm
                                                   *Lunch will be provided

Venue:                                         Room 334-336, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre
                                                    (1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City)

Attire:                                          Smart Casual

Guest of Honour:                          Mr S Iswaran
                                                    Minster for Trade and Industry (Industry)


Dr Johan Sulaeman 
Assistant Professor
Department of Finance, NUS Business School
National University of Singapore

Professor Zhou Min
Tan Lark Sye Chair Professor and Head, Division of Sociology
Nanyang Technological University

Dr J. Casey Hammond
Senior Lecturer
Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Singapore University of Technology and Design

Dr Ameen Talib
Senior Lecturer, UniSIM College
Principal Consultant, Ameen Talib & Associates

Mr Ridjal Noor
Managing Director, Pte Ltd
Chairman, Young Entrepreneurs Network (YEN@SMCCI)

Mr M Nazri Muhd
Group CEO and Head of Global Advisory Solutions
Vector Scorecard (Asia-Pacific) Group

Mr Samuel Ang
Assistant Director, Entrepreneurship Centre
Temasek Polytechnic

Ms Tasneem Noor
Board Member, Spirit of Enterprise (SOE)
Director, Fika Swedish Café & Bistro


Thank you to those who have registered. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.


Zhou Min, PhD, is Tan Lark Sye Chair Professor, Head of the Division of Sociology and Director of the Chinese Heritage Centre at Nanyang Technological University. Before moving to Singapore, she was Professor of Sociology & Asian American Studies and Walter and Shirley Wang Endowed Chair in U.S.-China Relations & Communications at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her main areas of research include international migration, ethnic/racial relations, ethnic entrepreneurship, Chinese Diaspora, and urban sociology. She has published widely in these areas, including 17 books and more than 180 journal articles and book chapters. Her latest books are The Asian American Achievement Paradox (co-authored with Jennifer Lee, Russell Sage Foundation Press, 2015) and The Rise of the New Second Generation (co-authored with Carl Bankston, Polity, 2016). Currently, she is doing research on intergroup relations between African and Chinese entrepreneurs in Guangzhou, China; Chinese immigrant transnational entrepreneurship; and Chinese immigrant education.

Johan Sulaeman is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the NUS Business School. He obtained his PhD in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin. Born and raised in Indonesia, he received his BSE in computer engineering from the University of Michigan and his masters of financial engineering (MFE) from the Haas School at the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to joining NUS, Dr Sulaeman was on the faculty of the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

His research article at the American Economic Review examines how monitoring can reduce the effects of racial discrimination in performance evaluation. His other research works are published at top economics and business journals, including the Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, and Management Science. In recognition of his research work, he has received several research awards, and he was recently recognized as one of the “Best 40 Under 40” business school professors (and the only one from an Asia Pacific business school), alongside faculty members of Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, Columbia, Northwestern, UC Berkeley, and UCLA business schools.

J. Casey Hammond, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer of the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Cluster at the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Ameen Talib is an academician and businessman with extensive experience in the consultancy and research fields. He was managing Director of Cafe Le Caire for 15 years, operating an F&B business. He is presently a senior lecturer at UniSIM and a Principal Consultant of Ameen Talib & Associates.

His previous posts include Assistant Professor at the Department of Accounting & Finance, The Business School, National University of Singapore and CEO of Cleansthat (Thailand) Co. Ltd. He has also published a series of journal articles under his name and conducted various training workshops. He holds a PhD from Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, having graduated with a Masters of Science Degree in Accounting & Finance from London School of Economics and Bachelors of Commerce Degree in Accounting from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. He is also a Fellow (FCA) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) and a Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS).

M Nazri Muhd leads the design, development and implementation of analytics-based projects using artificial neural network (ANN) to measure performance and develop scenarios. His core expertise lies in outcome/impact measurement using ANN for public, private and non-profit organisations. Specialising in economics, finance and accountancy, he started his career with Citigroup Asset Management where he successfully developed a credit risk evaluation system for fund managers investing in Asia ex-Japan. Following that, he joined Prudential Asset Management where he was part of the core team managing the Asian Fixed Income (Institutional) Fund worth more than US$200m, and consistently outperformed the JP Morgan Asia Credit Index (JACI). Thereafter, he was headhunted to join Fitch Ratings as its Associate Director where he was responsible for the timely and accurate credit ratings of more than 30 Asian banks.

At the community level, Nazri sits on the board of the Malay Heritage Foundation and serves as the Sub-Committee Chairman of its Investments Committee. He is also a member of the Malay Programme Advisory Committee (MPAC) under the auspices of the Media Development Authority. Appointed by both Singapore and Cape Verde governments, Nazri is presently the Honorary Consul to Cape Verde, Africa where he advises and facilitates bilateral cooperation between the two countries in economic development and private sector collaboration.

Ridjal Noor is the founder and director of WGL International and Pte Ltd. He is a board member of Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SMCCI) and Chairman of its Young Entrepreneurs Network (YEN@SMCCI). An entrepreneur since 2007, he also organises and runs business programmes and boot camps for young and aspiring entrepreneurs. In 2014, he published his first book, The Art of Becoming Fuyooh, and in 2015, he published 2 further collections, Crowdsauce and The Entrepreneur Manifesto. The books can be found in most major bookstores such as MPH, Kinokuniya, Times and Borders. In 2015, he was presented the Spirit of Enterprise award and the One Asia award.

As a serial entrepreneur, Samuel Ang has brought companies from startup to IPO.  He is currently with Temasek Polytechnic, working towards building a shared innovation & entrepreneurial community with Singapore’s future workforce, based on real life practices.

Tasneem Noor is the Managing Director of Fika Swedish Café and Bistro, a food and beverage business with a novel concept of selling Halal authentic Swedish cuisine. It is the only such restaurant in the world, with Halal Scandinavian recipes as its unique selling point. Fika currently has three branches and Ms Noor plans to open a fourth. A graphic designer for eight years, Ms Noor decided to leave her comfort zone and try her hand at business at a young age of 26. In 2009, Fika Swedish Café and Bistro first began operations at Beach Road in Kampong Glam and subsequently saw the setting up of another two outlets at Millenia Walk and One KM. In 2015, she was named an Honouree by the Spirit of Enterprise – an organisation committed to promoting and advancing entrepreneurship in Singapore. She went on to become a Board Member of the Spirit of Enterprise, and currently heads the organisation’s Student Interviewer Programme.

Pemerintah sokong eksport khidmat, produk halal

Ervina Mohd Jamil, Berita Minggu, 19 March 2016

PEMERINTAH menyokong usaha mengeksport khidmat dan produk makanan halal setempat ke luar negara, kata Menteri Perdagangan dan Perusahaan (Perusahaan) S. Iswaran.

Ini lebih-lebih lagi dengan permintaan bagi khidmat dan produk bersijil halal yang bertambah dalam pasaran dunia termasuk pasaran bukan Islam seperti Jepun dan Korea.

Misalnya dengan Jepun yang mahu mengembangkan pasaran makanan halalnya menjelang Sukan Olimpik pada 2020, Encik Iswaran berkata ini merupakan peluang baik bagi perusahaan Melayu/Islam Singapura.

“International Enterprise (IE) Singapore sedang bekerjasama dengan Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (Muis) bagi menggalak pengiktirafan bersama piawai halal kita dengan negara lain,” katanya sambil menambah IE Singapore dan Spring Singapore juga sedang bekerjasama dengan syarikat menerusi pelbagai skim sokongan membantu mereka mengeksport ke pasaran luar.

Beliau berkata demikian semasa berucap di seminar Community In Review anjuran Angkatan Karyawan Islam (AMP) bersama sayap kajiannya, Pusat Penyelidikan Hal Ehwal Islam dan Melayu (Rima), bagi membincang isu keusahawanan Melayu/Islam di Pusat Konvensyen Suntec semalam.

Encik Iswaran turut menyifatkan usaha meletakkan produk dan khidmat Singapura di persada antarabangsa sebagai aspek penting dalam ekonomi akan datang.

Masyarakat perniagaan Melayu/Islam, katanya, digalak memanfaatkan pelbagai program pemerintah untuk maju dalam bidang keusahawanan, penyejagatan dan penguasaan kemahiran.

Dengan berbuat demikian, mereka akan secara aktif menyumbang kepada kemajuan ekonomi negara serta pertumbuhan dan kejayaan masyarakat Melayu/Islam yang berterusan.

Encik Iswaran berkata bahawa jumlah perniagaan baru sudah meningkat daripada 24,000 pada 2005 kepada 55,000 pada 2014.

“Jumlah aktiviti keusahawanan peringkat awal di Singapura, yang mewakili peratusan penduduk dalam usia bekerja yang bakal memulakan atau baru memulakan perniagaan baru, berkembang daripada 4.9 peratus pada tahun 2006 kepada 11 peratus pada tahun 2014.

“Kita perlu terus memperkukuhkan asas ini demi memastikan ekosistem keusahawanan kami terus berkembang maju,” katanya.

Tambah Encik Iswaran, beliau gembira ramai rakyat muda bergiat aktif dalam perniagaan.

Malah, Naib Pengerusi AMP, Encik Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim, turut menggesa perniagaan Melayu/Islam setempat yang ingin menceburi pasaran dunia memanfaatkan jenama Singapura yang telah dibangunkan selama ini.

“Jenama Singapura terkenal. Kita mempunyai piawai tinggi dan kita dikenali dengan reputasi yang dihasilkan bersama sebagai warga Singapura.

“Oleh itu bagi masyarakat Melayu/Islam, kita harus memanfaatkannya kerana ia merupakan faktor pelaris yang baik,” katanya.

Seminar itu dihadiri sekitar 70 peserta termasuk ahli akademik dan wakil badan korporat itu.

Salah seorang penceramah, Dr Ameen Talib, yang merupakan pensyarah di Universiti SIM (UniSIM).


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